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It’s finally starting to feel like summertime out there! We’ve been waiting for this all year long, and in anticipation we’ve created a list of 10 summer activities you can take inspiration from. And what better way to enhance your fun in the sun than eating some cannabis edibles? Pack your sunscreen, munchies, water bottles and trusty Buzz Edibles for the best summer you’ve had yet! 

1. Beach Day 

Sunset on the beach in Hawaii No matter what kind of body of water is nearest, it’s always a great time to spend a summer’s day out on the beach. Whether it’s a rocky shoreline or endless white sand for miles, what matters most is being near the water and soaking up the sun. Next time you’re headed to the lake, ocean, or river, bring a Sour Gummy Variety Pack with you! 

2. Swimming Pool 

A colourful beach ball floating in a swimming pool If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your backyard, a weekend afternoon spent lounging by the pool or floating on an inflatable raft could be made even more relaxing with edibles. The public pool is another option – many recreation centres have a scheduled ‘adult swim time’ where no kids are allowed, if you don’t find it very relaxing swimming around a bunch of children. Take some Baked Rainbow Goldfish before you go for a dip, and make sure to wait 20 minutes before you dive in the water! 

3. Camping 

A tent next to a campfire under the Milky Way galaxy Camping is full of fun activities that are better with a little THC. Roast marshmallows and make s’mores for the munchies, hang by the campfire, stargaze, hike with your friends and enjoy your time out in nature. Make sure you bring enough edibles for your whole stay! Our Mini Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Bites would be a perfect companion on a day hike in the forest. 

4. Picnic 

A woman reaches for food at a picnic in a field Take your friend or partner out for a picnic! It doesn’t have to be anywhere far or special for it to be a fun time. Bring a blanket to spread out, make some delicious food and snacks, and don’t forget some nice cold drinks to stay hydrated with. You know what would make a picnic in the park even better? Cheddar Cheese Bits & Bites with 100mg THC! 

5. Backyard BBQ or Patio Dinner 

Hamburgers being grilled on a barbecue It’s always nice to eat outside in the fresh air. When’s the last time you hosted a backyard BBQ for your family and friends? Throw some hot dogs, burgers and other favourites on the grill and satisfy your munchies from the edibles. You could even serve some chips and Sour Dill Pickle Weed Dip! Maybe you don’t have a backyard, or a barbecue for that matter? You can still go out to a restaurant and enjoy their patio this summer! Bonus: no cooking or cleaning involved. 

6. Water Balloon/Water Gun Fight 

A water balloon popping Who else out there hasn’t had a water fight since they were a kid? Next time it’s way too hot out, try unleashing your inner child with water balloons or water guns! You’ll need at least one willing friend, a hose or tap, and some balloons or pistols from the dollar store. Of course, a Buzz Energy Bar or two with 50mg THC will get you both ready for an aqua battle! 

7. Outdoor Festivals & Performances 

People watching a concert at an outdoor festival Some lucky areas of the world are experiencing live music and other performances again! If you’ve got the chance to return to the amazing world of performance arts this summer, we suggest you take it! Don’t forget your THC Watermelon Jelly Candy (Sativa) to enhance your enjoyment of the music & lights. Edibles are great for their longer-lasting effects than smoking cannabis, so you don’t have to smoke every couple of hours. 

8. Yoga Outside

Five women doing yoga on the beach Have you ever done yoga outside? Now that the weather is nice, it’s the perfect time to try it out! There are group yoga classes you can sign up for in most areas that meet in local parks. You could also try solo yoga in the forest to reconnect with nature, or take your friends out and lead them in a beach yoga session! THC Infused Sour Grapes would deepen your relaxation and help you get more into the flow. 

9. Frisbee, Football & Other Yard Games 

Dog jumps to catch frisbee Take the frisbee out with your dog, throw the football around in your yard, or set up the badminton net! There’s no limit to the amount of backyard games you can play that would be made better with edibles. Have you ever played croquet or bocce ball while high with your friends? Bring the Zesty Cheese Dorweedos to share and find out which of your social group has the biggest yard to play in! 

10. Berry Picking 

Basket of summer strawberries on a farm Summer is the season for strawberries, blackberries and many others! Check if a farm near you offers pick-your-own berries, and stay cool with some Big Buzz Freezies! It’s a fun, different activity for an afternoon, with bonus healthy munchies! You could take home a bunch of berries and create some strawberry shortcake or another heavenly fresh fruit dessert. 

Things to Keep in Mind This Summer

It’s important to know your personal limits when it comes to taking cannabis edibles. Some of these activities might be too much for one person while stoned, but a total blast for another. Always use your best judgement when attempting any kind of physical activity. Don’t drive, and enjoy the high!  Depending on your tolerance and dosage, laying on the couch with some cartoons might be the most activity you feel like doing, so tend towards the lower side of your dosage spectrum if you’re looking to be active. Some people find the effects of edibles are felt more powerfully when they’re in public situations or having a good time. Remember to stay hydrated! 
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