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CBD Orange Jelly Candy

(16 customer reviews)

$13.99 $10.99

  • Flavour: Orange
  • 80mg of CBD per Jelly
  • Can be divided into 8 doses of 10mg each
  • 1 Jelly Candy per package
  • Every 10th Jelly is Free (must be the same kind)
  • Pro Tip! – Refrigerate Jellyz prior to eating for best consistency

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Buzz Edibles Orange CBD Jelly Candy

Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, organic MCT oil, sunflower lecithin, citric acid, Cannabis Extract, natural and artificial flavour, potassium sorbate, colour.

16 reviews for CBD Orange Jelly Candy

  1. RandyMunson

    Reminds me of the orange punch flavour from Minute Maid. Unreal!

  2. Jackson B

    Best as a 1-bite gummy. Super strong and taste awesome

  3. Penny Spencer

    This was my first experience with CBD gummies, and I’m so glad I found them. They work like a charm.

  4. D Archuleta

    Best CBD jelly going. Tastes just like regular candies, with no weird after taste. Work like a charm for swelling and even pain mgmt!

  5. Markus

    Tried these with my mom to introduce her to cbd for her arthritis. They were a big hit, I think she’s hooked!

  6. Tom Shaffir

    The orange ones are so killer! Can’t get enough. Going bulk with my next order 😉

  7. Casey J

    These jellies are magic.

  8. LowesMike

    Never thought my anti-depression meds would taste so good 😉

  9. Devon Meyers

    Tastiest inflammation remedy I’ve ever had, bar none.

  10. Adrian Lau

    These kind of remind me of the orange drink I would get art McDonalds as a kids. So good.

  11. JenniferHAWES85

    Love love love the cbd gummies. Miracle gummies!!

  12. Chris Reynolds

    Better than anything from the pharmacy for controlling my headaches.

  13. Frances Pratt

    Very tasty jellies! I use them to help my sore wrists/elbows.

  14. Erin Traeger

    Juicy, orange candy that also eases my depression. Amazing what they can make these days.

  15. Steven Yeung

    I eat the whole thing at once and my sore elbow feels better within 20-30mins.

  16. sunshine71

    super super fast shipping.no joke..2 days and im in super tiny town..prices are better than other sites and i am a rookie so all info they give online makes you comfy with what you order.they deserve more than 5 stars.5 diamonds would be more accurate..thx buzz team😁

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