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THC Grape Jelly Candy (Sativa)

(19 customer reviews)


  • Flavour: Grape
  • Sativa
  • 80mg THC per Jelly
  • Can be divided into 8 doses of 10mg each
  • 1 Jelly Candy per package
  • Every 10th Jelly is Free (must be the same kind)
  • Pro Tip! – Refrigerate Jellyz prior to eating for best consistency

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Buzz Edibles Grape THC Jelly Candy Sativa

Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, organic MCT oil, sunflower lecithin, citric acid, Cannabis Extract, natural and artificial flavour, potassium sorbate, colour.

19 reviews for THC Grape Jelly Candy (Sativa)

  1. Erin Traeger

    Phenomenal gummy. Will be buying more foooorsure.

  2. JuanFuentes

    Nice clear headed high with these. Nice edible.

  3. Brenda Costas

    Another first time user here, and I might be hooked…

  4. Jackson B

    Super chill and balanced high with these sativa gummies.

  5. Frances Pratt

    Nice and mellow gummies. This was a nice introduction into edibles for me!

  6. Penny Spencer

    Honest to grape goodness! Unreal taste. Trying more soon 🙂

  7. Adrian Lau

    Truest synthetic grape flavour I’ve ever had.

  8. Chris Reynolds

    Yep, these are the just what I’ve been looking for. Awesome candies.

  9. Tom Shaffir

    Such a nice grape flavour. Fave of the sativa flavours. Really fast shipping!

  10. TravisWilliams78

    The nicest grape flavour I’ve tasted, outside of real grapes lol

  11. Markus

    Killer gummies. Event better than expected, stoked for my pack of cherry to arrive soon.

  12. David Archuleta

    What a time to be alive. I love all of them, especially the CBD jellies!

  13. LowesMike

    These are the best damn jellies I have come across.

  14. Casey J

    Grape-tiva is my go-to.

  15. Sharon Miller

    I love how these come in both indica and sativa. First time trying the sativa ones, so tasty!!

  16. Devon Meyers

    Orange and grape are my tops forsure, but they are all very good.

  17. Steven Yeung

    Awesome mellow high. Love these sativa gummies, bold grape flavour.

  18. Sharon Miller

    Delicious and rich grape flavouring. Yummm

  19. JenniferHAWES85

    My new favourite treat!

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