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BUZZ Edibles Cannabis Infused Edibles

About BUZZ Edibles

Buzz Edibles is 100% focused on delivering the highest quality Cannabis infused edibles, best customer service and fastest delivery to people across Canada.

100% Privacy

Your privacy is our biggest concern. We keep you 100% safe and secure. Our site is SSL secured. We do not store, sell or share your information with anyone, ever. We take strict precautions with security and have a web team that takes care of site security, backups, and overall health of our online presence. We have close ties with the technology industry and know how to do this well.


Every time you buy cannabis edibles over $150.00 or more, you will receive shipping delivered directly to your door – FREE!


We are just like you. We get it and we want to make this experience the best we can. If there's a way that we can improve our service to you please let us know.




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