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Do you love eating weed gummies and other cannabis edibles? Tired of doing the same old thing every time you get stoned? Time to branch out!  We’ve put together a bunch of our 10 favourite things to do that are enhanced by taking weed edibles. The following list is in no particular order because, let’s be honest, edibles make most things a lot more fun!

1. Movies

One of the easiest and, for some, most entertaining stoned activities is to watch a good movie. During non-pandemic times, a trip to the movie theatre on edibles can be a fun event with friends. Who doesn’t love stretching out on the living room couch with a bucket of popcorn and getting sucked into the story, sounds, and visuals of your favourite flick?

2. Camping & hiking

Camping is a wonderful opportunity to take edibles, as there aren’t many obligations when you’re out in the wilderness. Most people camp to relax, get away from it all, and have a good time. Hiking is very enjoyable with cannabis edibles too, whether you’re out camping or just going along a nearby trail for a while, taking in the natural beauty all around you. 

3. Video games

Maybe you’re feeling a little couch-locked, but you’re not sleepy? Video games could be the answer to your boredom with the TV. Interacting with others in an online game, or playing video games with your friends/household members can be a great time as well. Lots of laughs to be had here! 

4. Tabletop, board & card games

Speaking of fun and games, if you’ve got a group together, why not spend the evening playing a tabletop game? There are such a variety of games these days, whether you’re looking for Cards Against Humanity-type adult-oriented hilarity, or something all-ages that the whole family can join in on. It’s a super enjoyable alternative to sitting around the living room on your phones when you’ve got the right group of people to play with. 

5. Beach day

Pack up a beach bag and head out to the water to soak up the sun! The weather is getting better outside – what better way to celebrate than to have a picnic (with snacks and cold drinks!) and go relax with some edibles? It doesn’t matter if you live by the ocean, a lake, river or pond, and you don’t need a group of people for this activity. Lay out a blanket or towel and make a day of it! 

6. Cooking, baking & snacking

Maybe you’re a whiz in the kitchen, and love to cook up a storm? Or is baking your passion, making cookies, cakes and pastries? For some, tossing a frozen pizza in the oven is about as much cooking as they’d like to do, let alone when high – no judgement here! The munchies can hit hard with cannabis edibles, so whatever your preference, get some delicious food going! 

7. Music – playing/listening/making

Taking edibles really can make music sound amazing. Depending on the dosage and the music you’re listening to, it can increase the connection you feel to the sound and the artists who created it. You might ‘feel’ the music in a new way, especially if you are a musician, and it could also inspire you to play or create music of your own. Pick up that dusty old guitar next time you eat some edibles and see where it takes you! 

8. Live music shows/festivals

Music paired with edibles is such a fantastic combination, we feel it deserves two spots on this list! Live music and festivals are a whole other ball game from listening to Spotify at home. Taking edibles before/during a show can both really enhance the way you enjoy the music, and also help your worries melt away, so you can immerse yourself fully in the experience of an in-person performance or music festival. 

9. A solid nap

Let’s not forget the refreshing power of a restful nap. Many of us have taken a little too much THC and ended up sleeping at an unplanned time. Sometimes it doesn’t even take very much, just a little nudge from a low-dose edible and you’re having a nap in the middle of the day. Hopefully you’re taking edibles on a day where you didn’t have to do much anyways – try releasing yourself from your plans and responsibilities for a little while and rest instead! 

10. Arts & crafts

Edibles can definitely bring out your creative side! Express yourself with paint, pencils & pens, beads & string, digital art, photography… whatever your favourite thing is! Remember that it doesn’t need to look “good”, or any particular way, because art is subjective – it can be a relaxing, therapeutic, exciting or productive activity for you.  Did we forget your favourite activity to pair with cannabis edibles? There’s so much out there to do! Hopefully something on our list sparked an idea for your next edible experience. Let us know in the comments below what else you enjoy doing when your THC gummies kick in.  Looking for delicious medical cannabis edibles of all doses and varieties in Canada? Buzz Edibles has you covered, with everything from sour gummies to mac n’ cheese to pot tarts
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